Nicaragua’s Caribbean Paradise: The Corn Islands

This week’s guest post is Andrea Bava, a Vancouver resident that just returned from an extended trip through Central America.

The Corn Islands:  Nicaragua’s Caribbean Paradise

I just returned from an amazing, adventurous 10 week Central American adventure.  Now I realize not everyone can just take off for 2 months, but before you book your next vacation I want to suggest an alternative that will take you off the beaten path and give you that beach paradise you’ve been looking for.

The Corn Islands are located on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua.  It is the tropical island where we spent the final 7 days of our 10 week backpacking adventure through Central America.  We hadn’t heard of the secluded little island until arriving in Nicaragua and listening to other travellers’ experiences.  We were easily convinced and quickly hit up an internet cafe to book our flights.

How to get there?
From the capital city Managua, a 90 minute flight lands you on Big Corn Island.  You’ll want to get on the local Panga pretty quick as Big Corn can be a bit dodgy.

A quick 15 minute boat takes you to the dock of Little Corn Island, where you are welcomed by long stretches of white sand beach that wraps the entirety of the island (which you can walk around in 45 minutes).

Where to stay?
We stayed at what I think is the best accommodation option in town, Little Corn Beach and Bungalow. For $56 a night you get a clean, rustic and environmentally sustainable cabin that overlooks the ocean and boasts the best hammocks on the entire beach!

You can snack on banana bread, coconut bread or chicken pies that the locals sell on the beach for about $0.50 each.  For something a bit more substantial, you can get an entire lobster dinner cooked to perfection for the equivalent of $10 Canadian.

Want a little more adventure?
Take a deep sea fishing trip with a local guide for about $40 for the afternoon and then grill up your daily catch on a beach fire pit.

Your days on Little Corn can be spent snorkelling, deep sea fishing or wandering the spectacular beaches and lush jungle that surrounds the island.  We spent about 5 of our 7 days lying on the beach and swinging in hammocks, doing absolutely nothing and loving every minute.

The best part of Little Corn Island?
Electricity is only available from 5pm to 5am daily.  If you have trouble “turning off” on vacation or are a blackberry addict, Little Corn Island’s lack of electricity is the cure you’ve been looking for!

I know it is cliché to refer to a travel destination as “a little piece of paradise” but I’m at a loss for a better way to describe Little Corn Island.

It tops my travel list as one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Thinking about traveling to Central America?
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