What are Our Favourite Countries?


What are our Favourite Countries?

Having traveled to over 50 countries in the past 7 years, we get the same question asked over and over again – what was your favourite country/destination?

There is no easy answer. Different places meant different things at different times. We’ve enjoyed most of the places we’ve visited; each had its own charm, culture and interesting attractions.

After spending 3 months in South America, we loved being in New Zealand simply because we could speak English and understand directions again.

Although we have differing highlights and stand out moments, we do agree on our favorite countries. Though the best we can do is narrow the list of 50+ countries to our Top 7 favourites.


Where else can you surf the Pacific, climb Machu Picchu, sand board giant desert dunes, explore the Amazon Rain forest and swim in the world’s highest lake? Peru is as diverse as it gets. If you love outdoor adventures, put Peru high on your list!


The dramatic landscapes and ancient treasures will leave you speechless, but the Jordanian hospitality will have you talking for years. If you’re fortunate enough to visit this Middle Eastern jewel, be sure you spend time camping under the desert stars of the majestic Wadi Rum.


Okay, we know that Rapa Nui is actually a part of Chile, but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting this remote island of mystery, you’ll understand why we are treating it as a standalone destination.

Tropical South Pacific beaches, Polynesian culture, volcanic craters and of course the oddly familiar Moai statues make Easter Island the perfect destination for any traveler. 


With over 7,100 tropical islands to explore, it’s no wonder the Philippines always leave the visitor wanting more. Although touristy and slightly over-developed, Boracay is one of our favourite beach getaways on the planet.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Philippines are just sandy beaches and happy hour; do yourself a favor and head to the highlands to explore its remote jungle regions.

Japan - Statue


Japan ranks high on our list because of its people, culture and traditions. We have never felt so safe in such enormous cities. The food is outstanding, the ancient temples are fascinating, and the confusing train system is implausibly efficient and convenient.

It’s a modern and sophisticated country that seems to continually bounce between past and present, tradition and innovation. We love it! 


The thing about India is that you know the journey is going to be challenging. The emerging economy is creating optimism but it’s hard to notice when over 800 million people live in poverty. India will beat you down. It’s dirty, it’s loud and it’s chaotic. But it also one of the world’s greatest civilizations and is home to the most spectacular monuments, palaces, fortresses and temples.

India has an indescribable spirit. It has a magical calm and peacefulness that can’t be found anywhere else on Mother Earth.  Simply put – you haven’t backpacked until you’ve backpacked India.



New Zealand is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground. What do you want to do? River rafting, bungy jumping, glacier heli-tour, camping, volcano trekking, snowboarding, skydiving, wine tasting, jet-boating, scuba diving, sandboarding, canyoning… shall I continue?

It is miles and miles of pristine wilderness and rugged beauty with a touch of adrenaline.  Careful though, you may get fresh oxygen overload!


Your Turn! What is your favorite country(s)?

Join the conversation and leave your picks below!


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