Snorkeling & Diving the Red Sea – Dahab, Egypt

Curious about what the Red Sea looks like underwater?

Simply put – it’s like swimming in an aquarium fit for a giant! The deep blue waters are crystal clear, some of the best visibility we’ve encountered underwater. About 50 metres from the dusty Dahab beach is a steep wall drop, home to countless varieties of coral reef formations, colourful tropical fish and eerie underwater wildlife.

While on our first scuba dive, we spotted a timid Reef Octopus (also known as a Cyane’s Octopus or Big Blue Octopus) that camouflaged itself by changing its colour and texture of its skin to match the reef surroundings. Luckily our dive master spotted him because he blended right into the rocky formations.

Rather then trying to describe the surreal underwater paradise, click on the short video below and experience it for yourself!

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We spent 10 days exploring the warm, crystal clear waters of Dahab, easily one of the best snorkeling and scuba diving experiences we’ve had (sorry Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea steals the top spot in our books).

There are about a dozen prime snorkeling and scuba diving spots within walking distance from the main strip in Dahad (where the hotels and restaurants are located), which is ideal if you’ve got your own snorkeling equipment. Our adventures in the Middle East completely exceeded our expectations.

Don’t you love it when that happens?

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