17 Weird & Interesting Photos from Japan

Kobe, Japan

Weird & Interesting Photos from Japan

Have you ever visited friends or family in a foreign country and had them tease you because you were taking photos of things that seemed very normal to them? What seemed unique, original or strange to you didn’t even register for them.

Keep that in mind when we say “weird” photos.

Having never visited Japan before, we were on sensory overload. From impressive architecture and ancient temples to bright lights and oversized shopping malls, Japan is a delight for the curious photographer.

But sometimes the most memorable photos are the ones of ordinary things that aren’t so ordinary to the foreign tourist. What’s normal in one culture can be fascinating to another; it’s what makes travel so interesting and rewarding!

Here’s are 17 Weird and Funny travel photos from our trip to Japan.

Statue located outside a restaurant in Kyoto.

Now is it really necessary to have the boy’s penis on display?

These signs are great! Don’t smoke and walk. Can you imagine trying to enforce this policy anywhere else in the world?

Seriously. Do you think this would fly in China or India? How about the US or Europe?

The best part is that the Japanese obey this rule!

Interesting sport. Think skateboard meets roller skates.

This sign was posted on several subway train windows.

Okay, let’s decipher this message together: Men with mobile phones are evil, and when the phone rings it terrifies young women and makes old ladies cry?

Arm rest controls for public toilets – the graphics are quite funny. Who doesn’t require multiple blow drying settings on their toilet?

This sign was located at the entrance to a bowling alley in Kyoto. I know I like hot communication when I bowl – don’t you?

Irony? Careful. Deer crossing!

Instructions on how to use the public toilet.

Necessary? You decide

The sign reads: “Please do not give a dove bait”

We assume this must be one of those “lost in translation” moments. I want to know who’s using bait to catch doves?

I think this sign is meant for drivers to watch for children playing. But why do these kids appear to be thrilled to be hit by a car?

Double Decker Car Park. You must first understand that coming from Canada, we had never seen these before. The Japanese are so innovative and practical!

It’s no surprise that we love sampling foreign beer.

The question is, “Why would anyone want a beer so small?”

Car Park Locking Systems. At first, we thought these locks were for regular people wanting to lock there cars at night (which is a great idea). We later learned that it’s used to enforce pay parking.

Now why aren’t we doing this in Canada?

This is the “double occupancy” suite that cost around US$75 per night.

Living in Japan can get quite “cozy”

Yes – you are seeing correctly. It reads: Hot Menu, Casual Frozen Foods. One can purchase fried chicken, hot dogs and french fries from this vending machine.

Needless to say, we decided to pass on the delicacy!

When taxi’s are waiting for customers the rear doors are left open. Drivers are fully uniformed and wear spotless white gloves.

Now that’s service!

Tokyo Subway Map – enough said!


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