Europe’s Festive Christmas Markets – Prague, Czech Rep

Christmas Market in Prague

Europe’s Festive Christmas Markets – Prague, Czech Rep

Our series on Europe’s Christmas Markets continues with a visit to Prague, the Czech Republic’s stylish and sophisticated capital city.

Our last post on Germany’s Christmas Markets included visits to Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Wessling, Seigburg, Koblenz, Traben-Trabach, Cochem and the adorable town of Bernkastel. Though our time in the Czech Republic was limited to Prague, we absolutely love the picturesque city and, like the Germans, the Czechs know how to put on a great Christmas Market!

The largest and most popular Christmas Market is in Prague’s Old Town Square, located between Wenceslas Square and the exquisite Charles Bridge. The Historic Centre of Prague is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, contributing to Prague’s status as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

Christmas Market in the Old Town Square - Prague

The Christmas Market at Prague’s world famous Old Town Square. The awesome 14th century “Church of Our Lady before Týn” dominates the square, creating a truly unique and magnificent setting.

Below: Festive Christmas Market in front of the Gothic Týn Church (The Church of Our Lady before Týn).

Christmas Market in Prague, Czech Repbulic

Pig Roast in Prague, Czech-Republic
Pig roasting over a wood-burning open fire. The BEST pork sandwiches in Europe!

Below: Cam getting his Christmas Cheer started with a Czech beer. If there’s one thing the Czech’s are great at, it’s brewing a tasty beer!

Pilsner in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Chirstmas Market - Czech Republic

The popular Christmas Market at Prague’s picturesque Old Town Square.

Prague Christmas Market

Trdelnik Pastries - Prague, Czech Republic

Above: Merchant serving up the popular Trdelník, a traditional sweet and flaky pastry made by wrapping dough around a stick (wooden or metal) and roasting it over an open flame until it is golden brown.  Trdelník is typically served with a dusting of cinnamon, sugar, and/or nuts.

Below: Cam sampling a fresh, sugar coated Trdelník. Verdict – delicious!  A must try when visiting Prague.

Trdelnik Pastry in Prague

Christmas Cheer in the Czech Republic

Nicole enjoying a frothy pint of Czech beer at the Christmas Market.

Winter Essentials in Prague, Czech Republic

In our opinion, Europe is the best place to soak up the Christmas spirit during the Holidays. Almost every city we visited had multiple Christmas Markets, each with its own slightly different take. The music, the food, the beer, the crafts, the cheerful people and the atmosphere made it a fantastic holiday season!


Have you experienced a European Christmas Market?  What did you think?
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