Europe’s Festive Christmas Markets – Brussels, Belgium

Festive Christmas Market in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Grote Markt, Belgium

Our series on Europe’s Christmas Markets continues with a visit to Belgium’s beautiful capital, where we spent several days indulging in sweet Glühwein, freshly baked waffles, savoury grilled sausages, crisp handmade Belgian fries and refreshing Belgian Blonde Ale directly from the source.

Brussels’ stunning Grote Markt (the Grand Place), listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the perfect place to soak up the Christmas spirit. The magnificent guildhalls and historical buildings are festively decorated and illuminated with bright lights, creating an unforgettable Christmas setting.

Brussels Grote Markt

Cheerful crowds collecting in the Grote Markt (Grand Place), the stunning central square in Brussels. The enormous square was packed with tourists and local residents at all times of the day, adding to the city’s great holiday spirit.

Gluhwein at the Brussels Christmas Market

Nicole enjoying some hot Glühwein at the popular Christmas Market located just outside the world famous Grand Place (the Grote Markt)

Christmas Market in Brussels, Belgium

Mouth-watering, homemade Belgian potatoes ready to be served at the Brussels Christmas Market

Brussels Christmas Market, Belgium

We think we visited about five different markets during our four days in Brussels, but it’s hard to say because the whole city seems to be one giant festive market during the holiday season!

Canadian Pavilion at the Chrismas Market in Brussels

Nicole if front of the Canadian pavilion at the Christmas Market. We always find it interesting to learn what is classified as “Canadian” in other countries. Of course, maple syrup and beer were the most popular items!

Belgium Waffles at the Brussels Christmas Market

Cameron enjoying a freshly baked waffle with icing sugar, a Belgium classic!

Ice Rink in Brussels, Belgium

Outdoor ice rink and Ferris wheel in the centre of the Christmas Market

Brussels Christmas Market

A popular market merchant selling its famous Belgian fries with all the fixings

Christmas Market in Brussels

Smaller market with a crowd pleasing ‘merry-go-round’ and live music

Freshly prepared Sausages

Coils of freshly prepared handmade sausages at a market shop. The dark one on the left is a chocolate sausage. It seems a little odd to add pork and chocolate into a sausage… no?

Belgium Beer Sampler in Brussels
Enjoying a sampler of Belgian beer at a local brewery in Brussels

Grote Markt in Brussels, Belgium

The Maison du Roi (King’s House), also known as Broodhuis (Breadhouse), in the celebrated Grote Markt

Christmas Parade in Brussels, Belgium

A parade through the crowded cobblestone streets of Brussels, finishing in the Grand Place

Stilt Walkers in Brussels Main Square

Stilt walkers parading through the central square…

Festive Stilt Walkers in Brussels

They put on a great show for the cheerful crowds!

Christmas in Grote Markt - Brussels, Belgium

The legendary Brussels Town Hall lit up in the evening with an enormous, brilliant Christmas Tree in the square centre. The towering Gothic building reflects a light show each evening during the holidays.

In our opinion, Europe is the best place to soak up the Christmas spirit during the Holidays. The music, the food, the beer, the crafts, the historical architecture, the cheerful people and the festive atmosphere make it the perfect place to celebrate the holiday season!


Have you experienced a European Christmas Market? What did you think?
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