Incredible Panoramic Views from Ankara Citadel

Though not as prominent or picturesque as Istanbul, Turkey’s capital city offers plenty of sights and attractions to its visitors. For the best views in Ankara, head straight to the ancient Ankara Citadel, situated in the Ulus Bentderesi District of Old Ankara.

As an extremely old city, Ankara has many fascinating archaeological sites; however only a few historical structures surrounding the old citadel have survived its appetite for development and modernization.

Often referred to as Ankara Castle, the citadel is free to enter and explore. But be forewarned, there are no barriers or handrails to protect clumsy walkers or those with a paralyzing fear of heights.

Click on the HD video below for panoramic views from Ankara Citadel.


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As you can see in the video, the walkway on the top of the citadel is narrow and open, with a long, steep drop at its edge. There is nothing protecting you from a nasty fall.

As someone that is not a big fan of heights, it was quite an accomplishment to climb the slippery, aged stone stairs to record the panoramic views. There was so much wind that I actually had to completely cut out the audio because the wind rustling sound was too loud. Needless to say, I got my footage and quickly retreated!

Photo Slideshow from Ankara Citadel 


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Take a virtual walk through the cobblestone streets of Ankara’s old fortified city and historical citadel by viewing the above slideshow. It may take a second to flip through each picture so be patient.

There is one photo that’s worth pointing out. You’ll notice a picture that has two young girls carrying the head of a recently butchered cow (or sheep?). Yes, you heard correct. As we wandered down the narrow streets we came across two very excited girls that were delivering the severed head of a cow to family members.

This seemingly random encounter was due to the fact that we were in Ankara during the Turkish holiday of Kurban Byram, which is the Festival of Sacrifice. During this holiday it is tradition for Turkish families to donate a sacrificed animal to the less fortunate. We had arrived just after the sacrificed cow was being divided up amongst families that reside inside the old fortified city.

It was one of those weird and random moments that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

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