Afternoon Tea in the Wadi Rum, Jordan

Jeep Safari in the Wadi Rum, Jordan

Jeep Safari through Wadi Rum, Jordan

It’s no secret that tourism in Jordan is on the rise. Since being included in the elite list of “NEW Seven Wonders of the World“, the ancient city of Petra has received most of the attention. But there is much, much more to this small Middle Eastern nation.

In our opinion, the rugged, barren terrain of Wadi Rum is a must for anyone visiting Jordan. Currently in the running to become a natural wonder of the world, the Wadi Rum is a mountainous desert region with stunning raw beauty. It is located in southern Jordan, about an hour north of the city of Aqaba.

As the photo illustrates, afternoon tea in the Wadi Rum is a special experience. It was as if we had the whole desert to ourselves!


Travel Tips: The best way to experience the Wadi Rum is by jeep safari, which can be organized ahead of time or directly at the park entrance. You can also hike through the park but come prepared – it is a massive desert that can be unforgiving.

Do yourself a favour and sleep under the desert stars at a remote Bedouin camp. Tours can be booked in Aqaba or Amman (the main entrance points to Jordan). There are a variety of options for each type of traveler. We elected the more rustic option (ie. the most budget), which was essentially a large rug on the desert sand, partially covered by an open tent. There are also luxurious options for those that want more privacy and comfort.

There were seven people in our group, all of us sharing the big open space. The section of the tent where we slept was wide open, giving us unobstructed views of the sparkling desert stars above – it was the most stars we’ve ever seen!  Make sure you bring warm clothes; it gets freezing cold at night.


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