Video Tour of a True Beachfront Eco-Lodge

Video Tour of Azulik Villas in Tulum, Mexico

The terms “beachfront” and “eco-lodge” seem to get thrown around a lot these days.

Many hotels and resorts located within 100 meters of the water claim to be seaside or beachfront, some without even a proper view of the water! Similarly, numerous “eco-lodges” promote the green initiative, yet air conditioners blast cold air relentlessly throughout the day and night.

We are happy to report that the Azulik Villas on the coast of Tulum can proudly boast that it is both “beachfront” and “eco-friendly”.

The palapa-roofed seaside villas are built on top of shallow cliffs that hang over the turquoise Caribbean waters. Nothing gets in the way of your brilliant views of the colourful sea below.

The rooms do not have electricity. There are no lights or power outlets. There are no telephones or televisions. Instead, candles supply the light, the sea provides the entertainment and the cool ocean breeze keeps the temperature just right.

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Aside from exploring the nearby Tulum Ruins, the majority of our time in Mexico was spent on the wooden deck of our beachfront villa. Each villa has a private tub that rests on the edge of the deck, serving up spectacular panoramic views of the Caribbean.

It was easily the most unique and memorable soak we’ve had! Click here to see the Twitpic of our private tub.

The absence of electricity forced us to open our books and commit to days of uninterrupted relaxation (I know, tough gig!). The soothing sound of water crashing on the shore quickly became the soundtrack of our private Mexican retreat.

Simply put – you have no choice but to unplug, relax and enjoy the view!


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Disclosure: Our stay at Azulik Villas was complimentary, however the thoughts and opinions shared in this post are entirely our own

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