Photo of the Week: Unusual Street Sign in Guatemala

“Jaguar Crossing” Street Sign in Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Jaguar Street Sign, Tikal National Park

It’s not every day we see a road sign that warns drivers to “Beware of Jaguar” or “Jaguar Crossing”. We spotted this sign while driving through Tikal National Park in Guatemala and had to pull over to take a photo.

At first, our driver thought it was odd that we wanted to take a photo of a street sign, but later agreed that he would probably take a similar photo in Canada if he saw street signs for “Moose Crossing” or “Bear Crossing”.

We asked our driver if he had ever seen a jaguar in the park, hoping he would give us a positive response.

“No, I’ve never seen a jaguar in the wild”, he replied with a slight grin. “But they typically don’t come out in the daytime anyways”. We got the impression he’d been asked this question a lot from his foreign passengers.

We also asked the staff at our jungle lodge and they gave a similar answer. We questioned the reasoning for putting up such a sign, given the fact that these people travel the remote road daily and have never witnessed the elusive cat.

Nevertheless, it was a fun reminder that we were very far from home!


What is the most unusual street sign you’ve seen? Care to share a link to a photo if you have one?
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