Win a FREE TRIP with Intrepid Travel!


Win a FREE TRIP with Intrepid Travel!

Our friends at Intrepid Travel are running a fun campaign that highlights the world’s most amazing festivals. And here’s the kicker – they want you to join them!

We are thrilled to partner with Intrepid Travel to give one lucky reader the trip of a lifetime. The best part about this giveaway is that the winner gets to choose where to go!

Shake your booty at Rio Carnival, toss tomatoes at strangers in Spain, get wet and wild during Songkran in Thailand or stuff yourself silly at Oktoberfest. We’ve got 10 festivals and trips for you to choose from. All you have to do is vote for where you want to go, like us on facebook, and leaveย a comment belowย – it’s that easy!

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Rio Carnival in Brazil

One of the biggest, boldest and brightest events in the world, Rio Carnival is a time of dancing, drinking and delirium. The main even is a flurry of music, make-up, glitter and feathers, but the month-long street parties and smaller gatherings are no less fun!

Intrepid Trip – Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged

Wildebeest Migration in Kenya

Every year, the Serengeti plains fill with the sound of two million wildebeest and zebras journeying between the Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks. This natural spectacle draws huge crowds who come to witness one of the greatest animal migrations on earth.

Intrepid Trip – The Masai Heartlands

Naadam Festival in Mongolia

Dating back centuries, this traditional Mongol event is held in Ulaanbaatar with smaller version also playing out throughout the countryside. This celebration of sport and fitness features wrestling, horse riding and archery competitions, as well as traditional song and dance and much vodka swilling!

Intrepid Trip – Wild Mongolia

Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival in Japan

Hanami or ‘cherry blossom viewing’ festival is celebrated throughout Japan in spring. With the country abloom, locals spread out on picnic rugs beneath gorgeous cherry trees, admiring the blossoms and feasting and drinking to fete the end of winter.

Intrepid Trip – Land of the Rising Sun

Oktoberfest in Germany

With more than 5 million people attending each year, Oktoberfest is the world’s most famous beer festival. The world’s largest fair is held annually in Munich, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October.

Intrepid Trip – Europe Winter Wonderland

Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

A time for cleansing and renewal, Thai New Year is celebrated nation-wide. Locals visit Wats with offerings for Buddha and food for monks. Using buckets, hoses and water pistols, people drench each other with water – to cleanse and purify, but also to relieve the April heat!

Intrepid Trip – Beautiful Thailand

La Tomatina Festival in Spain

A relative newcomer to the Spanish festival scene, La Tomatina attracts international tourists and media who come to see ripened tomatoes splattered across the city of Bunol. Thousands of people cram into the narrow town plaza to smash tomatoes into each other โ€“ a chaotic, strange and super-fun experience.

Intrepid Trip – Best of Spain

White Nights Festival in Russia

Attended by around one million people, White Nights is an international arts festival that showcases the best ballet, opera, theatre and musical performances from Russia and around the world. Held in St Petersburg, the festival begins in May and runs until July.

Intrepid Trip – Russia Highlights

Dragon Boat Festival in China

This major holiday originally began as a time of warding off evil spirits and disease, and to this day people in China still see this festival as a time to cleanse, renew and cultivate peace.

Intrepid Trip – Iconic China

Holi Celebration in India

Travellers can revel in a tangible rainbow at this vibrant festival that occurs throughout India, but predominantly northern India and Goa. Colourful powders fly through the air onto crowds of people, water balloons explode in the street, food and drink flow and devotees slip into trances.

Intrepid Trip – Rajasthan Adventure

How can YOU win a FREE trip with Intrepid?

Winning a trip of a lifetime couldn’t be easier. Simply complete the 3 tasks below and you are officially entered!

  1. LIKE us on Facebook – Traveling Canucks Fanpageย 
  2. VOTE for the festivals you would love to attend in person (you can select 3 in the poll above)
  3. LEAVE a comment below with the festival you want to attend and why (use your real name and email in case you’re the lucky winner!)

How is the winner selected?

We will use a random number generator to select our winner, based on the comments section below. For example, if we randomly draw #89 then the person who left the 89th comment will win.

Do you want a greater chance at winning?

Visit us again tomorrow and leave another comment with your festival selection. You can leave one comment per day, so the more times you leave a comment, the greater chance you have at winning!

Rules of the Giveaway

  • Only one entry per day
  • Contest ends October 31, 2011
  • Airfare is not included with the trip
  • is only responsible for promoting the campaign and selecting a winner. We have nothing to do with the actual trips that are referenced. All trip details, requirements and responsibilities belong to Intrepid Travel.

Disclaimer from Intrepid Travel

“We have done our best to have our Intrepid adventures match up with these global events, however itineraries and departure dates can change, and we have no control over changes made to event dates and activities. Please note that some Intrepid trips which include an event as part of their itinerary, may be surcharged. Where festivals or events are not included as part of an Intrepid trip, all costs associated with the event will need to be paid for by the client.” ~ Intrepid Travel

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