Our Greatest Adventure has Finally Started!

Our Greatest Adventure has Finally Started!

We have a very good excuse for the limited activity on our blog recently. We’ve been frantically preparing for the greatest and most exciting adventure of our lives – parenthood!

Baby Braydon wearing his dancing booties

For those that don’t follow us on facebook or twitter, here is an update.

On October 29th, in the early morning hours, the newest member of our family eagerly entered the world with curious enthusiasm. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about his arrival!

Our lives have been positively impacted in ways that only new parents can understand and fully appreciate. It’s such a surreal feeling to finally look at him and hold him, knowing that only a few days ago he was in Nicole’s belly. Our minds have yet to fully comprehend the magnitude of this miraculous event.

It was love at first sight. We are completely smitten by his tiny fingers and toes, his chubby cheeks and his endless supply of animated expressions. Here is a short video of Braydon.

Needless to say, his arrival changes the game completely!

Since his arrival, and the weeks leading up to it, many of our readers, fellow travel bloggers, friends and family have asked us about our future travel plans. Some have made the assumption that our travels will stop. Others want to know when we will get his passport stamped for the first time.

The short answer is that we don’t know how he will impact our future adventures.

Obviously our future travels will now require much better planning, but we have no intentions to stop any time soon. We will just take a different approach. In fact, we have already planned his first trip to Whistler in less than a month, so we’ll see how his first road trip goes.

The reality is that we are not on a never-ending trip like some of our travel blogger friends. We have a wonderful life in Vancouver and have no desire to live perpetually out of a backpack. That said, we will be getting his new passport in a few weeks because our next big adventure is just around the corner (stay tuned for details in the new year!).

Thanks again for all of your support and well wishes!

Mom and baby are doing great


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