Help us Plan our European Adventure this Summer!

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Help us Plan our Next European Adventure!

Now that we have precious Baby B in our lives, we have to spend a little more time planning our future adventures. We now have to consider packing things like a stroller and car seat, not to mention a sufficient supply of diapers and baby wipes.

In two weeks time, we will be taking Baby B on his first international flight to Palm Springs, California. We’re excited to see how he adapts to travel, although we both agree that he likely won’t even notice the difference. Nevertheless, it will be a great trial run to see how he handles the flight and changing environments.

After much debate, we’ve decided to take Baby B overseas this summer. The general plan is to visit family in Germany so that they can finally meet the little man. After that, our plans are pretty much wide open.

This is where you come into the picture. We need your help deciding where to go and what to do!

We’ve narrowed down our list of potential destinations to…

  • Northern Italy – we’ve been reading great reviews about Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Genoa, which has subsequently bumped these cities up the list. If we decide on Italy, we would also like to explore ancient Rome and its famous attractions, ideally staying in a centrally located apartment like the one’s found on
  • The Swiss Alps – we love playing in the mountains and Switzerland has some of the world’s finest. Ideally we’d like to spend a few weeks hiking in the mountains, swimming in fresh water lakes and exploring it’s alpine villages.
  • Coast of Spain – our ideal itinerary for Spain would be to travel along the coast from Barcelona to Valencia, visiting the cities of Tarragona, Benicarlo, Castellón de la Plana and Sagunto.
  • The Algarve on the coast of Portugal – aside from its breathtaking landscapes, sun drenched beaches and culinary delights, we’ve heard that the network of Algarve golf courses rival the best in the world.
  • Southern France – we’re intrigued by the canal boat tours that are becoming quite popular in Europe (where we captain our own small house boat that sleeps 4-10 people). We’d also love to soak up the sun in the coastal cities of Marseille, Toulon, Cannes and Nice.
  • Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Vatican City and/or Andorra – as some of the world’s smallest countries, we are considering a few days in one or two of these European countries. Of course, which ones will be dependent on the other countries we visit (Liechtenstein if we travel to Switzerland, Monaco if we visit France, Andorra is we visit Portugal, Vatican City if we visit Rome).

We’d love to hear your feedback on each of these destinations

Give us the good, the bad, the ugly. We will likely get a limited rail pass to take us from Germany to two or three of the above destinations.

Our plans are still quite loose, so feel free to throw a wrench in the above plans and suggest another location in Western Europe – leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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