7 Super Shots from Our Travels

We were recently asked by our friends at HostelBookers.com to participate in a fun travel photo meme that showcases 7 of our photos that fall within the categories below.

We had fun putting together our Best of Travel in 2011 and Travels & Adventures from A to Z a few weeks ago, so we jumped on the opportunity to share some of our travel photos (all we need is an excuse!).

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1. A photo that…takes our breath away

Machu Picchu, Peru

It’s difficult to accurately describe the feelings and emotion that we felt when we crossed over the Sun Gate and witnessed the magic of Machu Picchu for the very first time. We had just finished 3 days of hiking the Inca Trail, we were exhausted and damp from the morning rain. Months of planning, preparation and anticipation came to fruition as the clouds began to part over this treasured lost city. Our dream had finally become a reality.

This moment did much more than take our breath away – it taught us that dreams are meant to be chased, fulfilled and celebrated!

2. A photo that…makes us laugh or smile

If you’ve been following our blog for a while you know Japan is one of our favourite countries. We love the quirky and bizarre oddities that can be found throughout the country.

Case in point – this statue in front of a restaurant in Kyoto. Now, is it really necessary to show the boy’s penis? And why are there two completely different baby dogs positioned under this attacking dog? What does any of this have to do with dining at a restaurant?

Nevertheless, we had a good laugh and felt it was photo worthy.

3. A photo that…makes us dream

 Easter Island Maoi Statues

We had always dreamed of one day sitting in the presence of the mysterious Moai statues of Easter Island. We captured this fiery sunset and collection of Moai statues just outside the town of Hanga Roa.

To this day, we still get a slight chill down our spines when we look back at our photos. We know that we were once there, walking amongst these peculiar works of art. Although the images will forever be burned in our minds, at times we still feel like it was all just a dream.

4. A photo that…makes us think


This photo paints a chilling picture of life at the notorious Security Prison 21 (S-21) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The high school was converted into a horrifying prison shortly after the Khmer Rouge communist regime came into power in 1975. An estimated 17,000 people were unjustly imprisoned at Tuol Sleng, most victims were tortured and killed.

This photo makes us think and it makes us very sad. But it’s also a reminder to the world that we must do everything in our power to prevent such terrible atrocities from repeating.

5. A photo that…makes our mouth water


Turkey is a foodies dream destination. Virtually every mega-city in the world has restaurants that serve Turkish cuisine, but few can compete with the food that is served in Turkey – often imitated, never duplicated!

This tasty doner kebab and cold Efes beer was enjoyed in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey and final resting place of Father Turkey. Mmmm…is it lunch time yet?!

6. A photo that…tells a story


This photo is supposed to do the storytelling, but here is some background info to help – Peru, Lake Titicaca, floating reed islands, tourism, cute children selling local crafts, money, boredom.

7. A photo that…we are most proud of (aka my National Geographic shot)

Canadian Rockies in Alberta

Wow – there’s a lot of pressure that comes with this category!

We bounced around dozens of photos that were all worthy of such a title (like this one or this one), but this photo stood out because it’s the kind of photo we would expect to see in National Geographic.

We felt that a “National Geographic photo” needed to include nature and it needed to be a landscape that was “out of this world beautiful”. We think this photo satisfies both prerequisites.


Because we are taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots, we now we get to nominate 5 travel bloggers to complete their 7 Super Shots.

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