Photo of the Week: Pyramids above the Jungle Canopy

Mayan Pyramids above the Jungle Canopy of Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Tikal National Park, Guatemala

If you ever find yourself in Tikal National Park exploring the ancient ruined cities of the Maya civilization, make sure you visit the legendary Temple IV at either sunrise or sunset.

Visiting Tikal was high on our travel wish list and it was one of the main reasons we decided to travel around Central America last summer. You might recognize this view from the popular Star Wars Episode IV movie, the scene when the Millennium Falcon lands on planet Yavin (okay, so I Googled that little tidbit).

We teamed up with an American couple that was staying at the jungle lodge and hiked with them to Temple IV, arriving just in time to witness the sun set over the endless jungle panorama.

Time seemed to stand still as we sat on the ancient stones of Temple IV. As the sun slowly disappeared, we gazed at the remarkable temple pyramids and listened to the calming sounds of the animated jungle – birds chirped, monkeys leaped from tree to tree, leaves crackled in the wind. In a word – tranquility.

There were only seven people watching the sunset with us that evening, meaning we had the entire Mayan city to ourselves. It was a special moment that we will not soon forget.

See more photos from Tikal National Park and video of playful howler monkeys.


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