Cows Rule the Road in India

Cows rule the road in India

Cows Rule the Road in India – Seriously.

Although this scene might look strange to a Canadian, it’s a common sight when wandering the congested streets of India. Prior to visiting India for the first time, we had heard dozens of stories about what to expect when visiting India. But nothing prepared us for the time we first witnessed a cow sitting in the middle a busy intersection.

Cars and motorcycles maneuver around the gentle animals at top speeds, coming within inches of hitting them. You’d think that honking horns and blasting engine brakes would scare the cows away, but they just sit there, unfazed and without so much as a flinch. They are not scared of the traffic or automobiles. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Cows are sacred in India, meaning that they can pretty much get away with anything – and they do!

We’re not sure if the cows are wild or if they are actually owned by someone, but we’re pretty sure that eating plastic bags and garbage is not the best diet for these holy animals.

Backstreets of Jaipur, India

The cows are basically harmless, at least the ones we encountered, but it can be intimidating when you have to walk right in front of them (especially when they take a few quick steps towards you!).

Locals and residents don’t seem to even notice of the nomadic cows. We didn’t see anyone feeding a cow or caring for one. They just went about their day, as if the cows were similar to people.

The cows don’t seem to care either. They spend all day eating piles of garbage that line the filthy city streets.

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