Where to Next? Our Exciting Summer Adventures!

Where to Next? Our Exciting Summer Adventures are Confirmed!

Our travels have been somewhat limited since our trip to Central America last summer. Welcoming Baby B to the world has consumed most of our time and energy. And, quite frankly, travel hasn’t really been a priority for us since his birth.

Thankfully, Baby B is starting to find his routines and we’re finally getting normal sleep again (phew!). So, that means it’s time to start planning our next adventures!

Next month we will be traveling to a place we’ve wanted to visit for a long time – Maui, Hawaii!


Many of our friends and family have travelled to Hawaii, returning with stunning photos and wonderful stories of adventure and relaxation. We’ve often thought of visiting Hawaii but for some reason we’ve never made the trip.

We’ve come close to visiting Hawaii a couple times in the past, but we’ve passed on Hawaii for destinations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our thought was, “we can always visit later in life when we have a family because it’s close to Vancouver and it’s ideal for family vacations.”

Well, Baby B has arrived and it’s later in life, so the time has finally come for us to experience Hawaii!

We have been invited by The Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau to join a social media press trip with a few other fun travel bloggers. Baby B is a little young to be partaking in adventure sports and group activities, so Nicole and Baby B will be spending most of their time lounging on the beautiful beaches while Cameron participates in the press trip activities.

Although we took a vacation to Palm Springs a couple months ago, this trip feels more like an adventure. We’re really looking forward to experiencing Hawaiian tropical paradise firsthand (we’ll also be sharing our baby travel tips for Hawaii on our new website).

Haleakala Crater. Maui. Hawaii (9)

After Hawaii we’re traveling back to Europe in mid-August!

Last month we wrote a post about how our travel style has changed since becoming newbie parents. In the post, we revealed our new goal of visiting 5 countries per year. We’re excited to announce that this summer we will be hitting that goal by traveling around Europe in August and September.

We spent two months backpacking around Europe in the winter of 2009, but it’s been over 10 years since we’ve visited Europe during the summer months – and we can’t wait!

Thanks to everyone that helped us plan our European adventure by voting. After much debate about destinations, we’ve finally come to a decision.

Mosel, Germany

Here is our general itinerary for Europe:

  • Arrive in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Train to Zurich, Switzerland for a few days
  • Train to Liechtenstein for a few days
  • Train to Zermatt, Switzerland to play in the Swiss Alps for a few days
  • Train to Strasbourg, France for a few days (first photo is Strasbourg)
  • Train to Luxembourg City for a few days
  • Train to Reil, Germany – a village in the Mosel River Valley
  • Wine festival in Reil for 3 days
  • Explore several German towns and villages in the Mosel region, like Cochem, Traben-Trarbach and Bernkastel (pictured above)
  • Train to Paris, France for a few days
  • Train to Frankfurt, Germany for departure home

Of course, this itinerary will likely change a few times before we actually arrive in Europe. We’ve never been to Switzerland or Liechtenstein, so we’re very excited to experience the Swiss Alps for the first time.

This will also be the first time in our traveling history that we will have the majority of our accommodations and rail passes booked prior to arrival. Normally we just arrive in a new city and start looking for a hotel or hostel, but we can’t imagine that travel style will work well with an infant, baby stroller and excessive luggage.


For this adventure, we’ve partnered with both Rail Europe (international provider of European train passes) and Aeroplan (Canada’s premier travel rewards program). More details about these travel partners will follow in the coming months.

2012 has already been an incredible year, with many life changing experiences. We can’t wait to bring Baby B on these adventures to show him the joy of traveling and experiencing new things. Okay, so he’s probably too young to fully understand what it means to travel, but we’re confident he’ll appreciate these experiences later in life.

Other parents keep telling us to ‘enjoy every minute because time goes by quickly with children’. We are starting to understand this wise advice – these past 6 months have literally disappeared.

Because of this, we can’t think of a better time to take Baby B overseas!


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