The Toughest Event on the Planet comes to Whistler BC

“Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet” Comes to Whistler

I hadn’t even heard of the Tough Mudder event until a friend mentioned he would be participating in the grueling challenge later this month. Coincidentally, two more friends informed me they would also be accepting the challenge.

My curiousity was peaked, so I asked my friends the question you’re probably asking yourself, “What the heck is this Tough Mudder thing all about?”

Basically, the Tough Mudder challenge is a punishing 18–20km (12-15 mile) trail run that includes more than 20 military-style obstacles, such as the “Funky Monkey” (greased-up monkey bars), “Chernobyl Jacuzzi” (an icy pool of mixed carcinogens),”Underwater Tunnels” (bob underneath barrels in frigid water), “Fire Walker” (run through 4-foot-high flames), and “Electroshock Therapy” (gauntlet of 10,000-volt-charged dangling wires).

Sound interesting? Check out this video to get a visual.

Having trouble viewing the video – click here to view on YouTube

Tough Mudder was designed by British Special Forces to be the ultimate endurance challenge, testing competitor’s strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. Its goal is to replace the Ironman competition as the world’s ultimate endurance event, a lofty ambition but it seems to be on the right track.

Details about Tough Mudder:

  • Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge. Participants are not timed on the course. The event cannot be completed alone – it requires teamwork and the help of other participants
  • 80% of participants complete the course as part of a team
  • On average, only 78% of participants finish the course.
  • Average finishing time is 2.5 hours, with the fastest finish at 1.5 hours
  • In 2012 Tough Mudder expanded internationally and will host 35 events across the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada
  • 20,000 people participated in 2010 (its first year), 140,000 participated in 2011, and it anticipates 400,000 participants worldwide in 2012 – that’s a lot of Tough Mudders!

The Tough Mudder challenge hits Whistler Olympic Park next weekend and is expected to draw over 15,000 participants between Saturday, June 23 & Sunday, June 24.

If you think you’re a Tough Mudder and want to take the challenge, check out its website to find an event near you. Here is the link:


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