Product Review: Sennheiser Travel Headphones

Product Review: Sennheiser CXC 700 Ear Canal Phones with Digital NoiseGard

A couple weeks ago, after publishing our article 12 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Travel Enthusiast, a company approached us to do a product review for the Sennheiser CXC 700 Ear Canal Phones with Digital NoiseGard. It’s one of the perks to running this travel site.

We don’t mind testing out products provided they are travel related and are something we would actually use. Ironically, we had been researching high quality headphones because we’re tired of using the standard ear buds that came with our iPhone and iPods. So this product review request was well timed.

We use our ear buds quite often, especially on long flights and train rides, but they hurt our ears after about 20 minutes and the sound quality sucks (especially for watching movies on our laptop). When traveling, we share the hotel room with Baby B, which means that when he goes down for a nap we have to be very quite. As such, we typically watch movies on our laptop with our ear buds, often sharing one set so that we each have one ear bud.

Who doesn’t like receiving a package at your front door?!

I was tempted to put the package under the Christmas tree and wait until Christmas morning before opening, but I thought this review might come in handy for that last minute shopper looking for holiday gift inspiration.

The Sennheiser website describes the headphones:

Engineered for discerning business travellers and frequent flyers, these premium ear canal phones feature the latest incarnation of Sennheiser’s active noise cancelling technology – NoiseGard™ / digital – which identifies and reduces even more unwanted ambient noise. [source]

When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised by how many accessories came with the headphones. Included were 3 ear adapters (small, medium and large), diaphragm guards, cleaning tool, in-flight adapter, AAA battery and a stylish protective carrying case.

What we like about the headphones

  • Comfortable in ear while lying down with ear pressed against a pillow or arm rest; ideal for long usage periods. They are also form fitting and stay put once you put them in your ear
  • Great sound quality. They are not like normal ear buds, they pump out the sound and do a good job cancelling out other noises
  • The ‘Talk Through’ feature is pretty cool. It allows you to hear a conversation without having to adjust volume control or stopping the audio. I can see this being useful while on a flight when announcements are made
  • Control box has different modes that are optimized for different environments (ie. long-haul flights vs. on-the-go usage)
  • Variety of accessories including a protective carrying case

What we don’t like about the headphones

  • The control box is battery operated and quite clunky. I’m not a big fan of control boxes and find they get in the way
  • Price point is quite high (find out pricing here). Of course, you pay for what you get, but we likely would not purchase headphones at that price

Note – we have not yet tested these headphones on a flight, so we cannot provide specific feedback on how they perform in that environment. But we’ll let you know once we do.

Product Features

  • NoiseGard™ / digital Active Noise Cancellation: Choice of 3 different modes to suit your listening environment.
  • TalkThrough function enables you to communicate even without removing the earphones
  • Highly advanced acoustic system for excellent audio performance
  • Excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise of 25 dB (for frequency range above 3000 Hz)
  • Integrated control box enhanced usability and convenience
  • Sleek ergonomic design with striking metalized components for a modern, sophisticated look
  • Long lasting NoiseGard™ / digital usage – a single alkaline battery lasts up to 16 hours!
  • Audio transmission always works – even in passive mode and without the batteries
  • Convenient storage pouch and cleaning tool included
  • Optimised for in-flight entertainment systems as well as MP3, iPod, iPhone, iPad (iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc.) and portable media players
  • 2 year warranty

Product features were obtained from the Sennheiser website here.

Learn more about the Sennheiser CXC 700 Ear Canal Phones with Digital NoiseGard by visiting the Sennheiser website and read other product reviews here.

But the big questions is – would we recommend them to friends and family?
Yes, we’ve enjoyed them so far and are confident you will too.


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