Has it really been 5 years?!

Has it really been 5 years?!


In just a few days we will board a plane and travel to one of our favourite destinations in Latin America – Mexico!

We’ll be spending a couple weeks in the Mayan Riviera, a place that is very special to us. It’s the place we married back in 2008, surrounded by 40 close friends and family, and it’s a place we visited again when we were 5 months pregnant with Baby B.

We love Mexico for many reasons – the hot sun, the friendly people, the fantastic food, the cold cervezas, the soft white coral sand and the spectacular Caribbean beaches. It doesn’t hurt that direct flights from Vancouver to Cancun are inexpensive, ideal when traveling with an active one year old that never seems to run out of energy.

We are looking forward to escaping the winter chill that is blanketing Vancouver right now, but this particular trip serves multiple purposes. We will be attending our good friend’s wedding and also celebrating our wedding anniversary – we can’t believe 5 years have already passed by!

The timing and location of our friend’s wedding couldn’t be more perfect – the wedding will be held at a resort that’s located only 20 minutes away from the resort we were married at, almost exactly 5 years to the day!

We’ve deliberately left our itinerary wide open, so we’re not sure what we’ll get up to. But we are excited to return to the same resort we were married at. It will be fun retracing our steps and reflecting on that unforgettable experience.


Cam, Nicole and B


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