Coati Invasion in the Riviera Maya

Coati Invasion in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

Have you ever seen a coati before? How about 100?!

Coati’s are cute little creatures that look like a cross between a raccoon, monkey and an anteater. They are quite common in Central and South America, comparable to raccoons in Canada, but they’re much more friendly (at least the ones we saw).

We first saw a family of coatis roaming in the gardens behind our room at the resort. They were digging frantically, searching for bugs and berries, leaving big holes and dirt piles in their wake. Baby B’s curiousity kicked into overdrive. He pointed and giggled and smiled with his big eyes.

Then, that family turned into a dozen coatis, followed by another dozen… and another! It was quite the site. The group moved in a disorganized manner, climbing trees, digging up plants and playfully chasing after one another. They’re quite funny to watch.

Click on the image below to watch the video.

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Fortunately we had our camera handy and were able to capture the coati invasion. Just when we thought we had seen them all, another dozen would come crawling through the lush gardens. They just kept coming and coming!


Have you ever seen a coati? If yes, where was it and what did you think?
Share your experience in the comments section below!


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