5 Reasons to go on a Safari Holiday with Children

This guest post was submitted by David Cole, a Group Online Acquisition Manager at Sanctuary Retreats.

5 Reasons to go on a Safari Holiday with Children 

Don’t feed your kids to the lions. That’s probably the number one rule for going on a safari holiday with your children. And don’t let them push you into the path of a stampeding rhino. That’s another one.

Joking aside, it’s understandable that you may be cautious over choosing a safari adventure as your next family holiday. It can sound like too much of a risk – deadly wild animals in the vicinity of your loved ones – and a bit of a headache logistically.

So why would you choose a Kenya safari holiday over a hotel with a pool? Well, there are five good reasons:

1. The time of your life

For adults and children alike, coming face to face with lions, elephants, zebra, leopards and countless other big beasts is an unforgettable experience. If the stunning vistas and dramatic floodplains aren’t majestic enough in themselves, walking alongside big beasts in their natural habitat will be a once in a lifetime experience.

2. Organisation

Kids can be demanding, and keeping them amused while making sure everything runs smoothly can be a big task. But being in the wild doesn’t mean your time will be spent in chaos. The imperatives of not leaving anyone behind in the lion’s den mean that safari holidays are some of the best organised holidays around. Their masterfully planned itineraries mean you actually have to worry less about in terms of organisation and logistics than with a standard family holiday.

3. Fun for the whole family

Many tour operators offer safari trips specially tailored for families with children. They include special activities for kids, such as treasure trails and safari games, as well as plenty of time for the adults to enjoy on their own.

4. Education

Not everything in your child’s life has to be about learning, but sometimes they just can’t help it. Especially when they’re soaking up the folk tales of native African tribes or learning to identify big cats by their footprints, as happens on many family safaris. Expect them to come back like little Mowglis, with an enhanced appreciation of the natural world.

5. Safety

Of course security is always a top priority for you and your family. But providing you travel with reputable tour operators who are used to hosting children, your safety will be as well protected in a Kenya safari lodge – even when you venture out into the wild – as on any other holiday, if not more so.

And no, the expert local guides won’t let anyone get eaten by lions or trampled by a rhino. You may just get nibbled by a mosquito, but there’s a spray for that – it’s called insect repellant!


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