Photo of the Week: Cityscape of Kobe, Japan

Kobe City Skyline, Japan

City Skyline – Kobe, Japan

This week’s travel photo was captured from the waterfront boardwalk at Harborland, a popular shopping and entertainment district in central Kobe, Japan’s fifth largest city.

Kobe rarely makes the shortlist for Japan’s “must visit cities” and is often overshadowed by nearby Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. We were told it’s an attractive city because of its location between the sea and Rokko mountain range, so we took a day trip from Kyoto and decided to see for ourselves.

Sadly, the weather did not co-operate during our visit, blanketing the city with grey skies and thick storm clouds. But we did manage to catch a break and caught a glimpse of the futuristic Kobe Port Tower, a 108 m high lattice tower that overlooks Osaka Bay.

As a consolation, we thought it would be fun to treat ourselves to some Kobe Beef, the world famous local brand of wagyu meat (Japanese cattle). But, being on a tight backpacker’s budget, this idea was quickly squashed when we realized that the cheapest Kobe Beef we could find was 10,000 yen (roughly $110 Canadian). And that’s the cheap stuff!

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