11 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Travel Enthusiast in your life

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Travel Enthusiast

Well, it’s about that time of year again. Time to hang the Christmas lights, decorate the tree and start gift shopping for those special people in your life – assuming, of course, that you celebrate the holiday season.

In keeping with tradition, we would like to share a few holiday gift ideas for the travel enthusiast in your life.  Many of the recommended gift ideas from last year are still just as valid this year, so make sure you also take a peak to see if there’s something in there for you.

And for those traveling families, head over to our other blog to find holiday gift ideas for travelers with babies.

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1. Microsoft Surface

After spending a few years using our iPad, we’ve made the switch back to Windows with the Microsoft Surface. That said, any tablet is a great gift idea for travelers. We use it to watch movies, listen to music, surf the web and browse our social media platforms. The 10.6-inch screen is very nice, it’s lightweight and the battery life is solid.

Or, if your more of an Apple person, check out the the iPad Mini.


2. Sennheiser Travel Headphones

We really like these headphones for air travel. They are comfortable while pressing our ear against a pillow or arm rest and they do a great job cancelling out noise. They have a cool ‘talk through’ feature that allows you to hear a conversation without having to adjust volume control or stopping the audio.

To learn more, you can also read our product review here.

 travel pillow

3. Thermarest Compressible Pillow

I know, I know. A pillow doesn’t exactly scream originality. But it’s one of those travel items that can make a trip so much more enjoyable, and many people don’t see the value in purchasing a quality travel pillow for themselves – which makes a great gift idea.

Traditional u-shaped  travel pillows are okay but they have limited functionality (they don’t work unless your sitting in an upright position). We use this pillow for sleeping in a bed and it comes in handy with a toddler.

We really like this one because it’s durable, it folds down into a small ball and you can choose from a variety of different sizes.


4. The Piggyback Rider

Okay, so this one is for the active family with children. The Piggyback Rider replaces traditional carriers and strollers, offering a fun alternative that won’t break your back.

It has similarities to a standard backpack but it’s designed to carry (or “piggyback”) toddlers aged 2.5 years and up. The carrier allows your toddler to stand upright on a tempered aluminum bar, distributing your child’s weight at your core.

To learn more, you can also read our product review here.


5. Wall Charger Travel Kit with Interchangeable Plugs

If you’re anything like us, you bring lots of electronics with you when you travel. We have laptops, our tablet and we each have an iPhone. Because of this, we like having the option to charge our devices at the same time.

This one has 4 interchangeable wall plugs for the US, UK, EU and AU, eliminating the need for multiple wall chargers and outlets. More importantly, we can charge all of our electronic devices at the same time – perfect for long layovers.


6. Portable Travel Speaker

We use this portable travel speaker day and night when we travel. We blast white noise when our toddler sleeps in hotel rooms and we like to play music in the mornings while we get ready. As any parent will attest, sharing a hotel room with your children can be challenging at times. We like this portable speaker because of its ‘Fold and Go’ design, iPhone compatibility, and the high-quality stereo speakers.

Survival Kit

7. Severe Weather Road Kit

We love snowy destinations just as much as tropical beach destinations, so we often find ourselves faced with frosty winter conditions, especially when on a snowboarding road trip. Because road conditions can be unpredictable, we always bring a safety kit with us.

This kit has everything you’ll need in an emergency, including a folding shovel with sheath, 3-piece fleece set, strobe light and a 46-piece first-aid kit.


8. Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips

This book is a fantastic gift for anyone who loves to travel. In this book, National Geographic reveals its picks for the world’s most fabulous journeys, along with helpful information for readers who want to try them out.

If you want travel inspiration, this your book!

itunes gift card

9. iTunes or Amazon gift cards

For the creatively challenged gift giver, you can’t go wrong with gift cards. We purchase music and apps from iTunes all the time, mostly kids songs and games for our little man. Gift cards are easy and cheap to mail (or even email) to friends and family in far away places.

It may not seem like the most thoughtful gift, but almost everyone I know enjoys having the freedom to purchase music and movies at the click of a button.

camera accesory kit

10. Camera accessory kit

If there’s one item every traveler always brings with them, it’s a camera. If a camera or camera lens is too much for your budget, you can’t go wrong with camera accessories. The camera accessory kit you see pictured above will work for virtually every camera in the Canon Rebel and EOS series.

And it doesn’t hurt that the entire package is less than $25!


11. The Beer Belly

Yes, you read that correctly. Alright, so this one is more of a joke gift.

Basically, it’s a plastic bladder made to look like a beer belly when worn under clothing so you can drink whenever and where ever (read = public places). It holds up to 80 ounces of hot or cold beverages. I’m pretty sure the makers of this product had a few too many beers when they came up with this comical product, but if you’ve got a big beer drinker on your list this might just do the trick.

At the very least, you’re going to get points for creativity!


Do you have any gift ideas you recommend for the travel enthusiast?
Share your picks in the comments section below, links to specific gifts are welcome!


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