Under a blanket of snow – Scenes from Cochem, Germany


Snowy scenes from Cochem, Germany

Look how pretty Germany looks under a blanket of fresh snow!

A few weeks ago we published a post about the Mosel Valley in Germany, our favourite spot in Western Europe. As I was flipping through some photos to include in the post, I stumbled upon a file that I’d completely forgotten about.

We visited the Mosel Valley back in the winter of 2009 as part of our Christmas snowboarding trip in the French Alps. During our stay, the region received a hefty snowfall, shutting down many streets and chasing residents indoors. It was eerily quite the afternoon we decided to visit the town of Cochem, no doubt due to the frigid temperatures.

We had hoped the castle would be open for tourists, but no such luck. Visiting Germany during the off season has many advantages, but finding ideal hours of operation is not one of them. We wandered up the hill anyways to check out the frosty views, snapping a few photos along the way.

Here are a few of the keepers…

Cochem Castle, Mosel, Germany

Cochem Castle, built in the 11th century but restored in the 1860′s.

Cochem, Mosel River, Germany

 Views along the Mosel River. We took an identical photo in the summer, see the difference here.

Cochem, Mosel River Valley, Germany

 The town square looking very festive for the holidays season.

Cochem, Mosel River, Germany

 Spectacular panorama of the Mosel River and town from the foot of the castle.

Cochem, Mosel River, Germany

 Steep vineyards in hibernation mode. Photo captured on the walk up to the castle.

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