Photo of the Week: Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto, Japan


Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto, Japan

This week’s travel photo comes from the ancient temple grounds of Heian Jingu Shrine, a Shinto shrine located in Kyoto, Japan. Although the Heian Shrine was first built in the late 19th century, the current wooden structure was rebuilt in 1979 after it was destroyed by fire in 1976.

There are over 2,000 temples and shrines in Kyoto, so it will take you months (if not years) to see them all. During our visit to Kyoto we visited about 10 temples – and that felt like a lot.

The Heian Shrine is one of our favourites because of it’s bright colourful wooden buildings, beautiful open gardens and a giant Torii Gate at the temple entrance (said to be one of the largest in Japan).

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