Announcing upcoming cheap flights to Europe with FlightHub, starting at $199


A few weeks ago it was announced that WestJet will be offering reduced-fare flights to Europe. We’re pretty excited about these flights because Europe is on our radar for next summer. Today, we’d like to share this guest post about the recent changes so that you can start planning your European summer adventure too! 

Upcoming Cheap Flight Prices to Europe with FlightHub

As Canadians, it can sometimes be simpler and more cost effective to just venture over our southern neighbor’s border and spend our vacation time in one of their beautiful 50 states. Crossing an ocean to sprawl out on a beach towel can cost upwards of $900 once travel insurance, taxes, and applicable fees are tallied, which makes the round-trip average cost of $400 to the USA far more appealing.

However, with the loonie currently sitting at US$0.745, a major drop from the US$0.91 it was valued at this time last year, travelling to the USA is on the decline.

If the dollar is doing 25% less for Canadian travellers than it was a year ago, it’s perhaps time to think more seriously about crossing these oceans we were too price-conscious to properly consider before.

London Tower, England

WestJet offering reduced fares to London Gatwick

Call it chance or call it a deliberate act, but FlightHub, Canada’s largest online travel agency, and WestJet announced that they will begin offering reduced fares to London Gatwick.

The reduced-fare flights begin service on May 6, 2016 and, depending on the city, will be offered daily or weekly. Toronto, ON and St. John’s, NL are the two Canadian airports offering daily low price flights. Four other airports are going to be offering a weekly service.

Here is an example of the new non-stop flights to London Gatwick:

  • Calgary, AB: 5 flights weekly, beginning May 6, 2016
  • Vancouver, BC: 6 flights weekly, beginning May 6, 2016
  • Edmonton, AB: 2 flights weekly, beginning May 7, 2016
  • Winnipeg, SK: 1 flights weekly, beginning May 7, 2016

Wondering how good the prices are gonna get? WestJet’s announced one-way fares as low at $199 from St. John’s and as little as $249 from Toronto and $299 from Vancouver. This adds up to more than $300 in savings on a round-trip ticket which makes the appeal of Europe greater than ever before.

Scotiabank airline experts stated that “While London is not as large of a connecting traffic market relative to some other European cities, Gatwick is, in terms of passenger traffic, as large as Toronto’s Pearson airport.”


What if you don’t want to stay in London?

No problem. Budget airlines such as RyanAir and EasyJet offer crazy deductions on European flights and they usually don’t fly out of the city’s main airport hub—in the case of London, both of these airlines fly out of Gatwick.

For example, want to go to Dublin and not London? RyanAir offers one-way tickets from Gatwick to Dublin for 17 euro (approximately CAD$25) so you could arguably travel from Toronto Pearson to Dublin, with a layover in Gatwick, for only $274 one way.

According to, the other main Canadian airlines are offering direct flights starting at over $1,000 —that’s double what you’d be paying with these new deals on FlightHub courtesy of WestJet.

Luzern, Switzerland 18

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