My first Mommy and Son’s getaway weekend to Whistler


Mommy and Son’s weekend getaway to Whistler

A few weeks ago, I experienced my first Mommy and Son’s weekend getaway. The original plan was for the four of us to spend the weekend in Whistler together, but when the Toronto Blue Jays secured a spot in the postseason, Cameron booked flights to Toronto to catch the first postseason baseball game in Toronto in over 22 years (more on that story here).

This trip to Whistler, Canada’s most popular alpine resort town, was already booked, so I didn’t want to cancel because of the unexpected change in plans. I decided, the show must go on!

This was the first time traveling alone with just me and our two boys, so I was both excited and nervous. Excited because it would give me the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level; nervous, because managing two active toddlers can be exhausting with no help.


Our boys are now 4 years old (Braydon) and 2 years old (Connor), so we’re officially beyond the infant days. Hallelujah! We have officially survived the baby years.

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is about 1.5 hours without a break. We like to stop in the city of Squamish along the way so it breaks up the drive time. Squamish is located about half way between Whistler and Vancouver, so it’s a logical stopping point.

The boys are pretty good with longer car rides these days, but after an hour they can get a bit cranky. Plus, there’s a McD’s just off the highway that has an awesome kids playroom, so it kinda sells itself.


The weather was crisp and drizzly that weekend, a common occurrence this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. There’s really never a bad time to visit, but in October the resort town is in a state of transition. Too early for the ski season, too late for the mountain biking season.


New discovery – Whistler Bounce

The unpredictable autumn weather in the Pacific Northwest can be challenging with little ones, so I decided to check out Whistler Bounce, an indoor trampoline facility with a massive foam pit that you can jump into. A friend told me about Whistler Bounce last year but this was our first time visiting.

It’s the perfect place to take the kids on a rainy day.

There’s a toddler drop in session in the mornings, so we spent a few hours burning off some excess energy. For $10 per child, you get 2 hours of jumping/play time. Not cheap, but reasonably priced.


The boys had a great time, especially Braydon. They bounced and jumped and flung themselves into the giant foam pit for hours. I have a feeling that was the first of many visits to this trampoline wonderland.

If you go, make sure you stop at Pure Bread across the street. It serves some tasty baked treats and delicious coffee. Go there, you will not be disappointed.


Club Intrawest Whistler

We booked a one bedroom suite at Club Intrawest, a family oriented private vacation club located in the Upper Village area. These days, we always try book at least a one bedroom suite (ideally two bedroom but that’s not always feasible).

Sharing a room with the boys makes it difficult to have some downtime, so it’s important to have the ability to close the door when they are sleeping. Otherwise, I have to turn the lights out and tip toe around the room while they are asleep. Not ideal.


Fortunately, the Club Intrawest facility in Whistler has a variety of accommodation options. Our suite had a large bath tub (see above) and full kitchen, which made things so much easier. It’s tough (and expensive) going out to a restaurant or cafe for every meal, especially with Connor’s severe dairy allergy.

You don’t realize how important (and convenient) a kitchen is until you don’t have one.


We spent most of our time swimming in the heated outdoor pool and walking through the alpine forests that surround Whistler Village.

One thing I learned about traveling alone with two little ones – swimming can be very challenging!

Fortunately we purchased a children’s Puddle Jumper Life Jacket for Braydon. It’s part water wings / part life jacket, making it easy for him to float without wearing an uncomfortable life jacket. Here’s what it looks like.

It was so nice to escape the daily grind and spend quality time with my boys.

They’re growing up at an alarmingly fast rate these days. Everybody warned me to embrace each moment, even the challenging ones, because “they grow up so fast”. I thought I understood what they meant, but this past year has put those words into perspective.

This trip, though short, was a great reminder of just how precious these years are.


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