15 Holiday gift ideas for the traveler in your life (or you!)


Holiday gift ideas for the traveler in your life (or you!)

It’s been a while since we wrote a blog post that highlights some of the things we use when we travel. With the Holiday Season now upon us, we thought now is as good a time as any. If you’ve been struggling to find that perfect gift for your traveling companion, hopefully one of these items will do the trick.

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Not surprising, our packing list has changed quite a bit in recent years. From long-term backpackers to traveling with two young boys, our list of travel items has evolved considerably. It’s amazing how much stuff you need when you travel with young children. See photo below.


The recommended items in this post are all things we currently use on our travels. 

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Bose Headphones

Last year I upgraded my ear buds to these full sized headphones. It was a great move. These particular headphones are not noise-canceling but they do block out most sounds while on the airplane. And they are soooo comfortable.

Pricing and product details here – http://amzn.to/2foF2vg

My ear buds are noise-cancelling (we wrote a product review about them) but I prefer to use my Bose headphones because they’re so much more comfortable, especially when using them for long periods of time (like on an airplane).


5-Port USB Wall Charger

This little wall charger has been a life saver. We use a lot of devices when we travel. By the time we get back to the hotel room, our tablets and phones all need charging at the same time. We still bring single port USB chargers for a quick charge, but this guy comes out at night when we give every device a full charge.

Get this wall charger for $20 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2fBRW4h


Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This water resistant speaker has amazing sound quality given it’s compact size. I love that it’s wireless and connects to all of our devices (we have an Android phone, iPhone and two iPads). We use it most often in the hotel room, but we also bring it with us to the park and beach.

We have not tested how ‘water resistant’ it is, but it’s a nice feature that gives us peace of mind. It’s also quite durable. We learned this when Braydon dropped it on a tile bathroom floor.

Price and product details here – http://amzn.to/2g7qNua


Extending Selfie Stick (Monopod w/Bluetooth Remote)

Okay, now before you selfie haters roll your eyes, this inexpensive monopod is much more than a selfie stick. We use it primarily for our Go Pro Hero 4 camera because it needs a camera holder. We use it to hold the Go Pro more than anything else. BUT, it also makes selfies super easy, which is important when taking photos with kids.

This particular item comes with additional accessories for Bluetooth capabilities and it has a mount that works with most mobile phone devices (we use it for our LG G4 and iPhone 7)

Product details here – http://amzn.to/2g7lqLe


Universal World Travel Adapter Kit

This compact universal travel adapter is a must for international travel. We used it every day on our recent road trip around Ireland. It works with virtually every power outlet and has power surge protection.

Get this item for $25 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2gvXq1u


Headphone Splitter for up to 5 users

This compact headphone splitter is perfect for airplanes and the hotel room. Our boys like to watch the same program at the same time, so this splitter is the perfect solution for when we’re in public. We also use it when sharing a hotel room with our boys. They go to bed before we do, so this headphone splitter allows us to watch a movie without disturbing them.

Get this item for $8 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2g7q7Vy


TSA Approved Luggage Locks

You can never have too many of these luggage locks! For some reason, EVERY time I travel to the USA my luggage is searched by US Customs.

These locks are TSA approved so border agents can easily access our luggage without breaking the lock. Before we purchased these TSA approved locks, we had several cheaper locks broken by agents (not cool!). It’s worth spending the extra couple dollars to get the durable option.

Get one of these locks for $15 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2fC0zfc


Portable Charger (External Battery)

This portabe external battery is about the size of a Snickers chocolate bar. It’s a must have for long travel days or when you don’t have access to a power outlet. It gives a full charge to phones and about a half charge to an ipad. It’s compatible with most devices.

If you’ve never owned one before, trust me – it’s a life saver!

You can get this item for $12 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2gw1BKB


TravelRest Travel Pillow 

The patented inflatable TravelRest travel pillow provides upper body support and promotes proper head and neck alignment. You wear it like a messenger bag and lean against it, unlike those useless neck pillows that act like a neck brace. Once deflated, it rolls up easily and is machine washable.

Get this travel pillow for less than $30 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2gvJdFk


Hanging Toiletry Bag

Every seasoned traveler has a toiletry bag, but most of these bags have seen better days. This inexpensive toiletry bag is a great gift idea that every traveler will appreciate. We purchased this model for the Caribbean cruise we went on earlier this year and it’s been a solid purchase.

You can get this bag for $17 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2fC9TzV


Leg Rest Travel Pillow

We took the above photo on our long-haul flight from Vancouver to Dublin. It’s not the best photo, but what you are looking at is an inflatable pillow that acts as a leg rest on airplanes.

Basically, it fills the area where your feet go so you can stretch out. It’s primarily used for kids because they have smaller legs, but it also works for adults if you stretch your legs diagonally.

Learn more about this product here – http://amzn.to/2fCdEW1


Waterproof Smart Phone/Camera Pouch

This protective waterproof pouch fits virtually all smart phones and pocket digital cameras. It’s perfect for the beach or water activities like kayaking or snorkeling.

It also holds personal items like credit cards and cash, so you don’t need to bring a big dry sack with you. It came in handy on our bioluminescent kayak tour in Puerto Rico earlier this year.

Get this travel pouch for $10 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2fTXjwB


Tote bag with insulated cooler

This lightweight canvas bag is great for the beach and long sightseeing days. The insulated cooler on the bottom is perfect for drinks and snacks. We also use it for air travel because our youngest boy has a dairy allergy so we need to bring special milk and butter for him.

Get this bag for less than $30 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2fCs880

Camera accessory kit

If there’s one item every traveler always brings with them, it’s a camera. If a camera or camera lens is too much for your budget, you can’t go wrong with camera accessories. The camera accessory kit pictured above works for virtually every camera in the Canon Rebel and EOS series, but you can find similar kits for every camera model.

Get this entire package for $20 on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2gzRaXA


Gift cards for iTunes, Amazon or AirBnB

For the creatively challenged gift giver, you can’t go wrong with gift cards. We purchase music and apps from iTunes all the time, mostly kids songs, games and shows.

Gift cards are easy and cheap to mail (or email) to friends and family in far away places. It may not seem like the most thoughtful holiday gift idea, but everyone appreciates a gift card.

Did you know you can buy gift cards for AirBnb? I thought that was an interesting option.

Purchase gift cards directly on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2g7OS3Q


What did we miss? Do you have an awesome gift idea you’d recommend?
Share your picks in the comments section below, links to specific gifts are welcome!


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