Photo of the Week: Hiking in Jordan’s Holy Land

Hiking in the Holy Land – Petra, Jordan

First off, the answer is Yes.

Yes, this is real photo. We have not edited the photo in any way. The single sunbeam in the photo is literally shining directly on Cameron – how bizarre is that?

Nicole captured this photo on our hike to the Monastery in Petra, Jordan. As we passed through the rugged terrain, I was curious how deep the canyon actually dropped, so I walked to the edge to take a look. It’s a great candid shot that happened to catch the sunlight at that perfect moment.

Now, I’m not a religious person by any means, but this moment was captured in the ancient holy land and there’s a bright sunbeam shining down on me from the heavens above – I’m just saying!

When most people think of Petra they see images of the iconic Treasury. Although it’s a clear highlight, there’s much more to Petra than the Treasury. It’s spread out over several kilometres and is made up of hundreds of caves, tombs and monuments carved out of sandstone cliffs and canyons.

You can literally spend days hiking and exploring the rocky terrain and never walk the same path twice!


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