Save Money on Hotels by Booking with Sears Vacations

Disclosure: We partnered with Sears Vacations to review its hotel search engine and provide feedback by writing a blog post about our experience.

Find discounted Hotel Prices with Sears Vacations

I know what you’re thinking – another hotel booking engine? 

There are so many online booking engines to choose from these days that it can be difficult to know what sites are actually delivering the best prices.

It’s frustrating when you book a hotel and later find out you could have saved money by booking with a different search engine. Same hotel, same room, same dates, but different price. It’s annoying, to put it delicately.

We book a lot of hotel stays each year, so you can imagine how much time we spend clicking around looking for the best price. It can be exhausting. Price does influence our decisions, so we’re always looking for new ways to save money on hotel accommodations.

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Sears Vacations Hotel Search Engine

A few weeks ago we were introduced to the Sears Vacations search engine and asked to give it a try. We were told this booking engine would offer better prices than other third party booking sites. That’s a bold statement, so we were cautiously optimistic.

We signed up for the free membership and began searching the Sears Vacations site. After a few minutes of playing around, we agreed that it really does have great rates.

In fact, we confirm that it does offer some of the best rates we’ve found in a long time.

Here’s how we used Sears Vacations

This summer we will be taking our boys to Niagara Falls for the first time, so we focused our search on properties located near the Falls. Our search criteria was fairly simple – we wanted an inexpensive, kid friendly hotel that has a pool.

After checking out a few different properties, at various price points, we landed on the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel in Niagara Falls.

We compared the rates found on Sears Vacations with some of the most well known booking engines in the industry, including and

Here’s what our search revealed.

Sears Vacations offers a rate of $73.00 USD per night. offers a rate of $126 USD per night. We used the same dates. My trusty calculator told me that’s a difference of $47 per night, which is 37% higher than Sears Vacations.

Because we are Canadian, we also checked out Even with the exchange rate, Sears Vacations was the cheaper option. Currently, the exchange rate on $170 CAD = $127 USD. That is identical to the rate (above).

How does Sears Vacations work?

Sears Vacations rates are cheaper because of Travel Credits. These travel credits allow you to discount the retail margin dollar-for-dollar on cruises, hotels and resorts. It has 300,000+ resorts and hotels available to choose from.

When you create an account you are automatically given 100 Travel Credits. So you essentially save the moment you become a member. You gain more credits when you book your car rental or flights through the Sears Vacations site.

Each hotel offers a different discount with these Travel Credits. We found some as high as 100 Travel Credits (basically giving you $100 off the rate), and some around the 30 Travel Credit.

Luckily for us, the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel is offering 106 Travel Credits off the rate amount for two nights (combined). See below for details.

On this same trip to Ontario, we plan to spend one night at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at the Toronto International Airport. We arrive in Toronto very late at night, so we don’t want to mess around with taxis or transportation at that hour.

We had already booked this night at the Sheraton before being introduced to the Sears Vacation search engine, so I was curious how it compared. A quick search revealed that we would get a rate that is $30 CAD cheaper on Sears Vacations.

Sears Vacations offers a rate of $96.00 USD per night

We paid $140 USD for the same night. That’s a savings of $44 USD or 31%.

What you need to know about Sears Vacations

  • You must create an account to see the discounted rates. Membership is free. Once you’re a member you get access to Insider Pricing and your account will automatically receive $100 in Travel Credits. Click here to get started.
  • The rates shown are in US dollars. As Canadians, this meant we had to open the calculator and run the exchange rate on each search query. It would be nice to have a built-in conversion calculator.
  • If your booking requires more than $100 Travel credits, you will need to upgrade your membership or join the promotions that are offered via email.
  • Bookings are non-refundable. Make sure your travel plans are confirmed before clicking submit.
  • Sears Vacations has over 300,000 resorts and hotels available to choose from.
  • Price matching. If you find a cheaper price on a hotel room Sears Vacations will match the price, provided the rooms are exactly the same and it’s within 24 hours of booking.
  • Side note – Sears Vacations has great customer service on Twitter. If you’re a Twitter user, this is a fast and easy way to communicate with their customer support team.

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