Photo of the Week: Powerful Statement at the Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica pier, cemetery, california

Powerful Statement at the Santa Monica Pier, California

A massive display of military graves was not something we expected to see at the buzzing Santa Monica pier. But it certainly achieved its goal.

On the north side of the iconic pier, amongst a sea of colourful umbrellas and beach-goers, lies a powerful political statement that stretches the span of a football field. Two coffins covered with American flags rest in the middle of hundreds of red and white crosses, symbolizing the casualties of the decade long war on terrorism.

Shortly after we arrived, a group of spirited protestors gathered near the makeshift cemetery, chanting and waving handmade signs. Tourists and sunbathers weaved in and out of the demonstration, some oblivious to the spectacle. Regardless of your political views, this exhibit sends a powerful message to its visitors.

Santa Monica pier, cemetery, california

Santa Monica pier, cemetery, california

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