Sayulita confirmed that I will never be a surfer

Surfing in Sayulita, Mexico

Surfing in Sayulita

Let me start by saying that I love board sports. I skateboarded as a teenager and continue to snowboard as an adult (snow is much more forgiving than concrete). Because of this, a part of me feels that I should also love surfing.

One of the reasons we chose to visit Sayulita was because of its surf culture. The break is right on the main beach, within steps of the town center, which is ideal for newbie surfers that need to rent a surfboard or take a lesson. It also makes it super easy to roll out of bed and be in the water within minutes.

I came to Sayulita with good intentions to pick up surfing again. I’ve surfed many times before, but it’s been five years since that last session in Byron Bay, Australia.

A lot has changed since then.

We’ve had two boys in two years, which not only demands our focus and attention, it’s also added an extra layer of unwanted softness around my belly. Well, to be fair, it’s not having kids that’s making me soft, it’s my love of all things beer.

Beach, Sayulita, Mexico

When I published our “Travel Photo of the Week of a “Surfer in Sayulita, I received several comments from friends back home. One read, “Nice one, I’m so jealous you get to hit those waves”. Another one said, “You must be loving the surf down there”.

The implication that I was spending my time surfing is what sparked my desire to write this post.

Once upon a time, that would have been me surfing, but this trip to Sayulita has solidified the fact that I will never be a surfer.

As much as I want to get out and ride some waves, my life (err… excuses) always seem to get in the way. Now, that’s not to say I won’t go surfing again, but the likelihood of me taking surfing up as a hobby has officially passed me by.

Beach, Sayulita, Mexico

Let me explain why…

First of all, I suck at surfing. I always have. I can’t get the timing right and I always end up drinking my body weight in salt water.

Secondly, I don’t particularly like the ocean unless I’m snorkeling or scuba diving. I sunburn easily and I hate the sticky, salty film that sticks to my body after getting out of the water. I know, what a princess… right? (this is Cam writing, in case you hadn’t figure that out yet).

Thirdly, I don’t particularly like doing things by myself. I love to snowboard and have a former Olympic venue 20 minutes from my house, yet I refuse to go for an evening session by myself, even if the snow is fantastic. I don’t know why, it’s just who I am.

Finally, parenthood has not been kind to my waistline and fitness level, so I’m not in the best of shape right now (cough, cough… insert more excuses here).

Sayulita, Mexico

And let’s be honest, I’m not getting any younger…

With each passing year, certain doors are closing. I know that sounds a little dramatic, I’m only 36 years old after all, but there are a lot of things I want to see and do that don’t involve drinking copious amounts of ocean water.

In order to become a good surfer, I need to commit to the learning process and practice patience. Those that know me, know this is easier said than done.

That, and I actually need to rent a surfboard and go surfing! 

But I’d much rather eat fish tacos and drink cold cervezas on the beach… who’s with me?!

Sayulita Beach

Why do I even care?

I’ve been asking myself that question for a few days now.

There’s something about surfers and the surfing culture that’s just cool. What’s not to like about beach bumming all day and partying all night? That’s what the cool kids do, right?

But here’s the kicker – I still think I’m cool.

Yes, I know, I’m a 36 year old father of two that has a hard time staying awake past 9:00. But, I still rock my snow and skate gear and my Reef flip flops have a cool beer bottle opener on the bottom of the sole; which, by the way, blew the minds of two drunk dudes on the Las Vegas Strip when we were there a few weeks ago. So there’s proof that at least two drunk dudes think I’m still rad, right?

Okay, I’m reaching.

Surfing in Sayulita, Mexico

A funny thing happened the other day when we were walking into town. A pair of thin, bronzed surfers with long hair and full sleeve tattoos gave me the ‘Sup nod and smiled, like I was one of them, a fellow brother of coolness.

Nope, that wasn’t it at all. They were checking out my double stroller and giving me props for how functional it was. Booyah! Still got it.

Sayulita has been a great teacher. She’s taught me that I’m no longer a youthful dude and that surfing just isn’t my thing. I want to like surfing, I really do, but I just don’t…


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What about you? Do you like to surf? Is there a sport  you want to like, but just don’t?

See map below to find out where Sayulita is located.

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