25 Photos that will make you want to visit Dublin, Ireland

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Photos from our trip to Dublin, Ireland

We’ve just returned from an epic road trip around Ireland and Northern Ireland and have many photos and stories to share over the coming weeks. Our trip began and ended in Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland, so we thought that sharing a few photos from our time in Dublin would be a great place to start!

We spent 3 days in Dublin, but 1 of those days was spent battling a severe case of jet lag. Our boys did awesome on the 9 hour flight, but the 8 hour time difference between Vancouver and Dublin was quite challenging for them. And us. They were wide awake at 3:00 AM and had a tough time adjusting to Ireland time. It took them about 3 full days to reset their internal clocks.

Fortunately, kids are allowed in the pubs in Ireland, so we reset their sleep schedules so that bedtime was around 9:30 PM and wake up time was around 8:30 AM. This allowed us to consume an appropriate amount of Guinness each evening while also giving us a reasonable wake up time.

Whenever we travel overseas with our boys we like to give ourselves a buffer day to relax and acclimate to our new environment. Dublin was no different. We didn’t have anything planned for our first day and a half. We arrived at 9:00 AM, which was really 1:00 AM Vancouver time, so we spent most of the first day hanging out in our apartment watching movies and taking long baths. It was the right call.

Jet lag is not easy on the little ones.

We spent the following two days wandering around the city on foot. We rented a 2 bedroom apartment in the financial district, two blocks from the River Liffey. It was a decent location, about 20-30 minutes walk to the popular Temple Bar area.

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Here are a few photos from our time in Dublin.

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, Ireland

Samuel Beckett Bridge crossing the River Liffey.

Pub, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Colourful pub in the popular Temple Bar district.

Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland

The Record Tower and Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle.

Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland

Inside the grounds at Dublin Castle.

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar whiskey and tobacco shop.

Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland

The elegant Ha’penny Bridge, built in 1816.

Custom House, Dublin, Ireland

The Custom House, a neoclassical 18th-century building located on the River Liffey.

Dublin, Ireland

St. Andrews Church on Suffolk Street.


The infamous Molly Malone Statue on Suffolk Street.

Dublin, Ireland

The exquisite O’Callaghan Davenport Hotel.

Dublin, Ireland

Beautiful stone and brick architecture on the streets of Dublin.

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Bustling street in the Temple Bar district.

Dublin, Ireland

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Patio culture on the cobblestone streets of the Temple Bar district.

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland

The Guinness Storehouse, a Guinness-themed attraction at St. James’s Gate Brewery.

Guinness, Dublin, Ireland

Sampling Ireland’s legendary brew!

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

The Convention Centre in the Dublin Docklands.

Streets of Dublin, Ireland

Retail buildings and street scene on College Green.

Streets of Dublin, Ireland


Views of the River Liffey. Captured from the Samuel Beckett Bridge.


I love the bright colours and red brick buildings found in the downtown area.


The medieval Christ Church Cathedral on Christchurch Place.


The O’Connell Bridge.


There are plenty of things to do in Dublin, but most of our time was spent wandering its lively streets. We spent one afternoon at the Guinness Storehouse, which is a must for every Dublin itinerary. We spend another afternoon exploring the cobblestone streets of the Temple Bar district on the south bank of the River Liffey.

We had originally planned to visit the St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin Zoo and Phoenix Park, but the weather did not cooperate that day. In fact, the weather rarely cooperated during our time in Ireland. We assumed that the end of June would be much warmer then it was.

There’s a reason why this island nation is always so lush and green!

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