From Our iPhone: A Photo Story from Switzerland

From Our iPhone: A Photo Story from Switzerland

The introduction of the smartphone has completely changed the face of photography. Who would have thought that a tiny computer device could take photos, add filters and edits, resize and upload to various social networks – all within minutes of capturing the photo?

Do you remember dark rooms, slides and Polaroids? Heck, I barely remember flipping through my hard copies and photo albums. It feels like a lifetime has passed since the days of dropping off film at the drugstore!

We’ve become big fans of using our iPhone to capture travel photos. It will never replace our DSLR in terms of functionality and quality, but it’s certainly convenient. Lately we find ourselves opting for the iPhone instead of our good camera simply because it’s easier to share photos with our social networks. No memory cards, laptops or software required.

Our recent social media addiction is Instagram. We like how easy it is to make quick photo edits and upload to our networks with the click of a button, even though the photos sometimes turn out grainy. If you’re a fellow Instagramer come and find us by searching for “Traveling Canucks”.

Here are some photos from our time in Switzerland.


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