Redeem your Aeroplan Miles for experiences, instead of flights


Have you heard of Aeroplan’s Experiential Rewards?

Some people make the inaccurate assumption that you can only redeem Aeroplan Miles for flights. Today, we’d like to shake up that misconception and introduce you to some of the fun experiences you can have by redeeming your Aeroplan Miles.

The reason we collect Aeroplan Miles is simple – it allows us to have more travel experiences.  

It’s safe to say that if money wasn’t an issue we’d be traveling to new exotic destinations every month. The reality, however, is that money does matter and it does impact the timing and distance we travel. Raising two young boys is not cheap. It requires us to be careful with our money and stick to a travel budget, even when we aren’t traveling to faraway lands.

One the ways we reduce our travel expenses, and increase our travel experiences, is to take advantage of loyalty reward programs like Aeroplan. Even before becoming brand ambassadors for Aeroplan, we’ve been big supporters and users of the rewards program for over 15 years. We are constantly adjusting our spending habits so that we can accumulate more Miles faster.

Here are a few new experiential rewards offered by Aeroplan


Whale Watching Family Tour in Victoria, BC

We did a similar tour a few years ago and it was THE BEST whale watching tour we’ve ever been on. We saw so many orcas during our 3 hour tour, it was incredible. According to our guide’s estimates, there were up to 88 orcas in the waters that afternoon.

This Aeroplan reward includes a 3-hour whale watching adventure for a family of 4, including 2 adults and 2 youths aged 18 or under, and a “Pirate Pak” for each youth. Total is 43,000 Aeroplan Miles.

Learn more about this tour here


iFLY 2-Flight Experience in Toronto, Ontario

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to skydive, but are too scared to do it in real life? Well, then. You should give iFLY Toronto a try. It is an indoor free-fall simulator that reproduces with near perfection the free-fall portion of a skydiver’s jump. This recreational activity is designed for people of all ages from 4 years old.

The reward includes an iFLY 2 flight experience with training session, ground prep time and gear. Total is 13,000 Aeroplan Miles.

Learn more about this experience here.

London Tower, England

Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Tour in London, England

Out of all the cities, London has got to be the best city for a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus tour. It’s a big city so the Big Bus allows you to see all the main attractions in an easy way, without battling the unfriendly crowds on the Tube.

This reward includes one Big Bus London 2-day Hop-On Hop-Off tour with free Thames River cruise, free guided walking tour and special offers booklet. Total is 10,000 Aeroplan Miles.

Learn more about this tour here.


Helicopter Tour over The Strip in Las Vegas

We have had the opportunity to visit Vegas a few times, but we’ve never seen it close up from the sky. This tour gives you the ultimate bird’s eye view of The Strip, by day or night.

You’ll enjoy views of Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and the surrounding mountain ranges as you fly over the Las Vegas Strip in a state-of-the-art ECO-Star helicopter. You’ll fly over the mega-resorts from the New York, New York skyline to the Bellagio fountains and the never-fading light of the Luxor Pyramid.

This experiential reward includes one Las Vegas Strip Day or Night helicopter tour (tour time approx. 15mins, entire experience including hotel pickup and drop off approx. 2 hours). Total is 20,500 Aeroplan Miles.

Learn more about this tour here.


Redeeming your Aeroplan Miles for these rewards is a straight transfer, meaning you don’t pay taxes or fees on experiential rewards. So, if the experience is 5,000 miles, that’s all that it will cost you.

It’s a really great option for anyone who’s looking to get outside and experience something new this summer. And, for those who do plan to travel this summer, it’s a simple way to save some money on activities or attractions.


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